Tweet about the #FTRAIN today to help demand better F Train Service

The F train, which runs between Coney Island in Brooklyn and Jamaica-179 St in Queens,  provides a critical service across Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Like so many other lines in NYC, the F train suffers from signal failures, track fires, broken rails, switch trouble, and even unannounced express service, skipping stops in Brooklyn without notice to riders. 

On March 15, the signal system at the Bergen Street F/G stop failed, delaying hundreds of trains during rush hour and leaving some riders trapped on trains in between stations for over an hour.  In response, the MTA investigated the failure and promised a set of short- and long-term solutions for the line. But we must continue to push the MTA for improved service along the line.

We're asking #FTRAIN riders to tweet about the issues you experience every day, so we can keep track of delays, equipment failures, mechanical problems and unannounced "rogue" express service when F Trains skip critical stops without explanation. 

When you use the #FTRAIN hashtag, your tweets will appear on this site, which will keep a running list of your comments to demand better F Train service from the MTA today!